In this day and age, where everything revolves around technology, it should come as no surprise that even publishing your own book can be as simple as clicking a few buttons. Now with a number of online self-publishing sites, the huge number of digital books, reading devices and readers, skipping the traditional publisher and jumping straight to a digital release is the modern way. And here’s how to do it.

Going Digital

self-publishingFor many years, those that wished to self-publish would have to shell out a small fortune to an independent publisher to publish their work. Now, though, things have changed for the better – at least from the author’s point of view. In the 1990s print-on-demand technology came into play, which allowed books to be printed just the one time. This meant that lower costs were available all round for producing a book. Even since then, the market has continued to move forwards. With the arrival of eBooks, authors can make their money with no need for the book to be printed at all. Sites like Amazon, in particular, are at the forefront of this market, and more than 85% of the books are created and sold through them. In this manner, anyone can actually create a book and ‘publish’ it to sell without ever having to pay money upfront.

How to Self-Publish

There are a number of different ways it can be done. First, you can go it alone and only hire freelancers for any help that you might need. You can work directly with the retailers who will sell your book. Alternatively, you can hire a service company that will essentially act as the publisher or lastly, you can work with a hybrid publisher.

However, for most people, the allure here is to work by oneself and be totally self-sufficient in one’s book production from start to finish. Of course, the first steps are to write the book and have someone else read through it and check for mistakes. This is where you can hire a freelancer to help in the editing process or simply commandeer a friend or relative. Once the book is written it is then time to find retailers and distributors. If you go it alone, all these decisions are completely up to you. There are a number of well-known services out there that can help, such as Amazon KDP and CreateSpace, that have been doing this for years and so tend to offer the best results. The excellent part about all this is that, as the self-publishing author, you get to make all the decisions.

It’s All Yours

It is worth remembering that these online companies will never claim any rights to your work. They will also not take any responsibility for the work you have created. They demand no upfront fees and they are usually very easy automated services to use that require little technological knowledge to operate. EBook retailers will distribute the books and take a small cut of the sales to do so and the distributors operate in the same way.

Once all this has been accomplished it is time to upload the book in a proper format. The global standard would be ePub – it makes life a lot easier for you, the reader and the retailer.