Essay writing is a tricky task to undertake. It takes good time management to write a well-structured and informative essay.

How Long Will It Take?

The first thing to consider when writing an essay is how long it will take. This is important because once this has been established it can be broken down into manageable chunks of time, which means that the task in hand doesn’t seem quite so daunting: one hour every night for two weeks is less overwhelming than sitting down for fourteen hours to write an essay.

time managementMost essays require a structure with a rough word count stipulated for each paragraph depending on how long the overall essay should be. These paragraphs can then be allocated a certain amount of time each, for example, one hour for the introduction, one hour for the next paragraph and so on.

Have a Plan

The next step is to write a plan for the essay. The plan is an important part of successful essay writing – not only does it give an idea of how much time is needed to write, but a well-structured plan will facilitate a smooth route to the final essay.

First, gather together any material that is to be used in the essay. Next, write notes for each part of the essay – notes for the introduction, each paragraph of the essay and also for the conclusion. These notes should be clear and concise, picking out key points from the material needed and ordering them in a logical fashion.

Now there is a rough idea of time required and a plan of how to proceed – writing the essay becomes a more manageable task.

No Distractions!

If you have any urgent tasks that you think will distract you during your work, then get them done before you start.

Turn off phones or put them onto silent; better still, move them out of your reach so you are not tempted to pick them up and look at them. Make sure all open tabs in your internet browser are directly related to the work at hand (and that’s unlikely to include your social media accounts!). The tendency to ‘just quickly check’ something online can turn a minute into twenty, sending you off on time-wasting tangents.

Pen and Paper

It can be demotivating to sit in front of a blank word document knowing that you have a certain amount of words to produce and feeling unable to think of anything constructive to write. Handwriting essay notes can help to keep things moving and will make it less likely that you waste time swapping between word documents. A good idea is to write the notes from the paper onto the screen in bullet point style and under the headings of each paragraph and then fill in the gaps, linking all the bullet points together in the structure required for the essay.

Stick to the allocated time that you have for writing the essay and at the beginning of each time slot briefly proofread the last paragraph written so that time is not spent trying to remember what you last wrote. Above all, stay positive and focused.