It’s been read, proofread and proofread again – now comes the hardest part. How can you attract an audience to your work, and how can you market a piece of writing in order to make it seem lively and interesting? Read on to find out more.

Aim for a Global Audience

globalIf you’re an American writer, for example, be careful of making your work too US-centric; the same goes if you come from the UK or Australia. You want your essay to resonate with people all around the world, so you need to go for that international context.

Keep it Straightforward and Chronological

Present your arguments and your objectives clearly. Use language that is simple and easy to read – overcomplicated vocabulary or overly-flowery sentences can easily put off readers or make your work seem pretentious and too much of a slog. State your central argument from the get-go and keep it consistent; let it be a running theme throughout the entire essay, and order events or arguments so that they follow each other in a logical manner to avoid confusing your audience.

Find the Right Journal

One of the major factors in reaching your target audience is finding the right journal. Once you’re done with citing your sources, check your references for hints as to which journal may be interested in your work. Some journals are invitation only whilst others are open to general submissions.

Check that the content of the journal and its other topics correlate with yours.

Get to Know Your SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has become a key tool in online publishing and content writing. It helps to ensure that your work appears higher in results displayed by search engines. Including keywords, links, titles and subheadings will improve your assignment’s SEO.

Revise Your Paper

Ask for peer reviews before submitting and be open to editorial suggestions and changes. Resubmitting your work is not a bad sign or a hint that you should give up on your work. Cooperating with editors and reviewers is key to your growth as a researcher and as a writer. It’s also useful to remember that only the finished essay is what will appear in the journal – not any of the revised or resubmitted versions.

Promote Your Work

Congratulations! Your work has been accepted and published. In today’s world, sharing information has never been easier. Check if the journal you have been published in has a ‘Share Link’ option which you can post on social media. Sharing your work like this helps to drive results and is useful if you want to keep track of how many people out there are paying attention to what you have published. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are three of the most popular social networks and will help you find a wider reading audience.

Don’t Give Up!

Remember – rejection is part and parcel of being a writer. Just because one journal rejects your essay doesn’t mean that the others will. It can be a frustrating process – but perseverance pays off in the end.