Procrastination undermines efficiency, lowers spirits and creates negativity. The best way to stop procrastination is to think positively.

Why Positive Thinking?

Positive thinking helps stop procrastination because it focuses on rewards. Everybody always does the fun tasks first, and while fun at the time after that momentary sense of achievement you realise those dull tasks are still there.

One way around this is to take the dull tasks and do them first thing in the morning; that gets them out of the way. Your reward for completing them is to be able to spend the rest of the day doing interesting work and being able to enjoy the fun stuff without that nagging feeling in the back of your mind that there’s still drudge-work to complete. It’s common to feel more productive and positive in the mornings, or at the beginning of a work shift, so it’s the perfect time to tackle the dull jobs head-on.

Break it Down

ProcrastinatingAllocate a time slot to do the tasks that you could happily leave until another time and think of a reward at the end of that time slot for doing them. For example, the promise of a ten-minute break with a cup of coffee whilst browsing the internet might help to keep you motivated.

Once the task is done, you will feel pleased with yourself for completing such a tedious task and not putting it off; you will feel a sense of achievement for doing that task that you were not looking forward to, and now you can tick it off your list.

This way of working also makes for a much more positive day at work, ensuring that you leave work in a much better mood and with a general all-round sense of positivity.

If a task is going to take longer than a work day to complete, then that task can be broken up into shorter time periods over the week with the same reward principles applied. Changing your mind set with regards to these tasks is also important – for example, if you find yourself procrastinating because something seems too difficult, then look on it as a chance to learn new skills. Something that scares you or that you find intimidating could be seen as testing your mettle – taking it on and getting through it will boost your confidence in your abilities.

If it is a mundane every-day task then try to think of ways to make it more interesting and rewarding, or even work out if there is way to change it to benefit the business or eliminate the need to do it. This would give more time to do other tasks, thus increasing productivity.

Lift Your Mood

If it is allowed, then listen to music whilst working on your tasks. Research shows that our favourite songs or types of music have a positive impact on our mood and productivity. A positive attitude can lead to success not only at work but in all areas of life.